Sunday, April 29, 2007

I miss the good, old days...

Yesterday I had the chance to visit the Genesis Choir. I joined the rehearsal for the mass. I’ve been in Genesis since 2001 to 2004. One of the reasons why I love this choir is their song. The songs have fairly evolved from the traditional and usual style and had outgrown the boring style of it.


Giving praise to God through music is an important part of our tradition and our choir plays a vital role in bringing our services of worship alive. If you have musical skills and would like to become a member of our choir then we welcome all those who can keep a tune.

Genesis Choir

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Anonymous said...

hi and may He continue to enriches your group thru sharing your talents, this is jesse carlo galan from navotas. I'm a former member of the uec and the loreto minstrels. i wish to join your group and i hope to hear from you soon- 09273868496 / 09174324282 thanks.