Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ano daw???

I fell in love once and it was hard, I continued to pursue it but it hurt me a lot, I continued to fight but it wrecked. From my experience, try being a 90/10, heart-mind respectively. Why? So that not too much damage would occur or try saving yourself, don't fall in love too much, but this would make an inhumanoid, because human normally love. Abnormal lang ang hindi marunong magmahal.
But still, if you love, choose someone who will also love you. Widen your preferences and enlighten your mind. Maybe you're looking around what is just near the bend.But still, I think that you just continue to love. But remember love does not make the world go round but it just makes the ride worthwhile. Sa tagalog, para may pagkaabalahan ka.
Pero kahit na ganoon yan, kayanin mo. It's nice to love and be hurt, than to have never loved at all. c”,)

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