Saturday, June 16, 2007


I was tagged by Fingertalks. Actually, this meme is like 2 days already. Anyways, here are the interview questions I answer. To view the complete list of questions and the rules please visit Christy's link. Choose your own questions and answer them briefly. Just be yourself!

Here's my interview:

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in Friendster in year 2005 but I stopped after a few months and signup for new blog account with Blogspirit Community within the same year.Then I started with Blogger in April of this year. I got started here the way everybody does. I looked at few blogs and decided to signup with this community.

What do you hope to accomplish your blog?
Interesting question! I don't think I'm trying to accomplish anything with my blog. I just wanted to write or post about things that happen in my life because I think I am a writer at heart yay! but I've been delighted to find that I build friendship with my fellow bloggers.

What's your best quality?
Loving and Friendly.

What's your worst quality?

Is this your first meme?
Nope. This is my second meme. The first one was the Alexa Train.

I really like seeing people's answers to this meme, so please, please consider yourself tagged if you're at all interested! To be going on with though, I shall tag:


Emmyrose said...

Hi glenn, i was also tagged with this one by Maia Jose of Manila Mom, great questions :)

Joyce said...

thanks for the tag sis will do this as soon as I can

Juzahlyn said...

hi sis si joyce eto I did the tag d2 nga lang sa isang blog ko..check it out when you get a chance thanks