Friday, June 1, 2007

I never got there..

Yesterday we watch the movie of Regine and Piolo’s Paano Kita Iibigin at SM Bacoor. (yehey! libre itoh ni Sasa!) We got there at 6:35PM pero the movie will start at 6:55PM so we go to Jollibee to buy some foods. (o, diba jologs na jologs talaga!)

So here’s the story…

Fired from her job and evicted from her apartment, Martee (Regine Velasquez) brings herself and her asthmatic son to Zambales for a vacation. In a dilapidated resort owned by Lance (Piolo Pascual), Martee finds work as a manager, where she has to come up with plans on how to increase the resort's clientele. At first, Martee finds it hard to adjust to the provincial lifestyle, but she eventually gets the hang of it.

Whenever they work together, Lance and Martee always clash. As they spend more time with each other, they discover other facets of each other's personalities. Lance starts to fall for her. Slowly, Martee is changing his outlook in life. Meanwhile, Martee is also falling for him. Her heart and her happiness have never opened up like this to anyone after her son's father left them. Finally, she has learned to laugh and enjoy life again.

While Martee seems to be ready to step out of her comfort zone, Lance is not yet ready to give up his "living on the edge" lifestyle. When Martee learns of Lance's involvement in a collision that killed his girlfriend and friends, she begins to understand where he's coming from.

In one romantic moment, Martee and Lance make love. This time, Lance decides to take a big step. He tries to tone down his lifestyle to assuage her fears and even seeks his family's help to restore the resort to its former glory.

However, Lance has untimely meeting with his dead girlfriend's family. Lance reverts to his old lifestyle. At this point, Martee thinks she can handle this because she truly loves him. When Lance's volatility starts to hurt her son, Martee realizes that this is too much for her. She loves Lance, but can she live with such a volatile person? Will she put her son's security on the line? This time, she must choose between love and family. And she must decide if she should follow her heart even when it has been already been broken before.

Unforgettable lines from this movie:

Eugene: Welcome to Heaven Resort where you can rest in peace. Welcome to Heaven Resort such alovely place... such a lovely place.. Plenty of rooms in the hotel anytime of the year. Welcome to Heaven Resort!

Regine: Ibig sabihin ba mahal mo din ako?
Piolo: I'm getting there…

Regine: Mahal mo ba ako? Mahal mo ba ako?
Piolo: I never got there..

Regine: I wish I had another heart that would love you too much... kaya lang, isa lang ang puso ko na kahit paulit-ulit mo saktan mamahalin ka pa rin nya...

Eugene: “God is good! All the time!"

Piolo: Kaya ka iniwan eh...

Regine: Kung iniwan nya ako sya ang may problema. Kung pinanindigan nya ako mamahalin ko sya ng buong-buo!

Well, we watch this movie because of its quality and not because of a gimik that was created to spark curiosity. And sabi nga pag hindi ka jologs hindi ka makaka-relate hehehe!

Full Trailer of Paano Kita Iibigin..


dangkin said...

oi, ganun?? love nga naman talaga...

grabe, feel na feel ko ang panonood nyo, with jollibee pa! kakamiss tlaga ang jollibeee!

gLenn said...

oo sad yung story nya pero astig sa huli kze kinasal sya kay piolo... :D

hahah! jollibee! yun kze yung malapit saka gutom na kami... TLC burger, french fries, rocky road w/ brownies sundae.. wow! :D solve! hahaha! sabi nga ni Sasa wag na daw bumili ng madaming food kze ulam na daw si piolo! hahaha!

des said...

nagustuhan ko rin ang movie! galing ni piolo at fact, lahat ng cast.

hi glenn! just came back from a long hiatus..ngayon lang nakadalaw.

gLenn said...

hi des! welcome back! thanks for visiting my blog.

yeah, regine & piolo has a great chemistry. this is the best film of regine ever! her acting was so natural & piolo, very good & lakas ng dating. and also to eugene domingo, super funny as in! she brings the house down with her wisecracks and over-the-top dialogues. "welcome to heaven resort!..."

menchi said...

you do know that your grammar is horrid right? do the world a favor, stop blogging.