Monday, June 25, 2007


Got tagged by joyce

I don’t want to tag anyone. If you want this meme please feel free to grab it. Enjoy!

1. Have you dated someone older than you?

2. Unforgettable high school memory?
senior’s ball

3. Ever hated someone so bad?

4. Have you ever failed a subject at school?

5. When was the last time you said I love you and mean?
yesterday! hehehe!

6. What’s the last thing you purchased?
yakult! hehehe!

7. Longest phone conversation?
last week

8. Ever put lemon in your hair?
bakit naman?

9. Stolen something?
yung chocolate ng sister ko..

10. Had a crush on your neighbor?
yes.. his pink honda jazz

11. Lost a friend?
Lost?? Lost of communication..

12. Laid on your back and watched clouds shapes go by?

13. Felt an earthquake?
yes, when I was in grade 4.. yun na yata yung pinakamalakas..

14. Touched a snake?
not yet

15. Gotten in a car accident?
oo naman sa imus

16. Had a party in your house while your parents were away?
oo naman..

17. Use a fake ID?

18. Been lost?
muntik na!

19. Kissed in the rain?

From Cai

4 Jobs I’ve Had

* Computer Teacher
* Office Staff
* MIS Staff
* Yaya ni Cyrill

4 movies I’ve watched over and over

* Notting Hill
* City of Angels
* Little Mermaid
* Paano Kita Iibigin

4 TV Shows/stations I like to watch

* ABS-CBS- Syempre kapamilya!
* GMA- minsan kapuso din!
* Q-TV- ka-Q
* Studio 23- Kabarkada mo!

4 of my favorite foods

* shrimp
* squid
* strawberry
* chocolates

4 places I’d like to be right now

* Paris
* Japan
* Korea
* Hongkong

4 people who will respond

* mayee
* toniwoni
* tintin
* era

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