Monday, May 14, 2007

Make Your Momma Proud!

Last Sunday, we watch a mini- concert by MYMP at SM Molino. I like MYMP (especially Juris) a lot. I like the way they render a song, both original and revival. And Juris' voice is just angelic. I feel calm inside whenever I hear her sing. And I find her really beautiful too.

At first the songs were OK.. then a realization…Anluffeeettt! Haha! Anlamig ng boses ni Juris.. kakainlove… especially her rendition of her hit “I’ll Never Get Over You.” Wala na… inlove na naman ako.. hahaha!

Then after the mini-concert, I took pictures of her and one of them, she posed with my sister. I was about to pose with her when people starting swarming her so I changed my mind and walked away instead. She is really very accommodating for a famous celebrity and I'm glad I went to watch them.

Juris and Chin signing my CD

Juris and Chin with my sister

Then after that, we went to KFC to have some drinkin’ and talkin’ and laughin’ hahaha!

Overall.. it was a great day!

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