Sunday, March 2, 2008

Love... Love... Love

When I was small, I used to think of what love is, and as I recall, I even dreamed of having to feel it, not the love one feels for his father or mother, nor the love you have for your brother or

I thought of love a something special and beautiful, something to keep your mind off your work and school, I pictured it to be somewhat enchanting, and somehow to the point you’ll forget something.
I’ve imagine it also to be a little confusing, when your quite not sure of what your feeling, sometimes you might even say “ he is the one! “ but in the end you’ll realize his not the right man.

When you thought everything was fine, and declare “ he’s so cute, so kind and he’s mine,” but soon found out his not yours alone, because he’s playing around all along.
When everything’s smooth and nothing’s wrong, you suddenly cannot hear the music and the song you don’t know how to tell him so you continued pretending, but deep inside you know its unfair for you will be hurting.

All people always want to experience loving, and when they do you will see them enjoying, but when pain strikes them you’ll hear them saying, “ I don’t want to love anymore, I hate him, I hate him! “.
Now I’ve prepare myself for the understanding, that love isn’t just a toy or something, it’s a feeling that makes you feel high its as it your in the heavens in the sky.Yes it hurts when it didn’t work out, but you don’t need to close the door and pout do not be afraid to love and start a new, because there’s always a different side of love to view.

Remember that its not always end to hurting and hating, time will come you’ll hear “ I do’s exchanging, keep your heart open and it sure is a happy ending.


Phaelun of the East said...

hi. this is nice stuff. love is a subject i always find difficult to write about.

timawa said...

wow. nice post. ^_^

deden said...

always nice to talk about love..
nice post dear...