Friday, November 9, 2007

Heller! How are you?

How can you even say you do have a life when most of your naughty friends are having their weekend nightlife somewhere far from where you are? Sometimes, in order for us to have something, we must pay it with something as well. Everything has a price, even love? Yeah, sad but true. Love has sacrifice.

I was thinking how many sacrifices I did in my entire 27 years. I cannot count, maybe because that is not important anymore. Lots of times, I cried. Most of the time, I was just being too sensitive and emotional and I hate myself for it. Simply because, it makes me look so weak and fragile. Such a crybaby!

So, how's my weekend? Just one of the ordinary days I have, spent most of my time sleeping and doing nothing. God, how productive I am..

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