Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Lessons:

I hope this will helps you and find love life you've always wanted.

What is Love?

Love is blind.
Sally Corbilla
20, Helpdesk Support

Love is sacrifice, patience and acceptance.
Shiela Santuico
24, Oracle Developer

What's the most important thing you've learned about love?

Love takes time... it comes when you least expect it..
Earl Lee Scott Valencia
23, Programmer

Always love like you've never had your heart before.
Glenn Gamat
27, Reports Analyst

If you really love the person then express it, or you'll never will when it's gone.
Sunshine Saqui
20, Software Tester

Walang fair... when it comes to love...
Sherwin Velasco
28, Java Developer

Never think twice when you feel and think that you're in the right move...
Khaycee Legaspi
20, Data Analyst

Love teaches me how to see sunshine in the deepest part of the forest to see hope.
Ehgai Estrella
20, Jr. Database Administrator

Don't search for love 'coz love will truly finds its way to you. It will come when you least expect it to be.
Rose Ann Samson
22, Programmer

Being patient and understanding of your partner is not always a good thing.
Michael Allen Eusebio
26, Network Administrator

Pain because of this you will experience true love with someone.
Vince Valerio
23, Systems Analyst

What makes first love memorable?

First love is memorable 'coz that's when the time you feel what you haven't feel before.
Earl Lee Scott Valencia
23, Programmer

It's a persons first chance to discover more herself through another person. It's the first chance you realize that when you impart yourself to the person you love... you grow more and better.
Glenn Gamat
27, Reports Analyst

When I saw her...
Sherwin Kuizon
28, Oracle Database Administrator myspace graphic comments
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