Friday, July 20, 2007

Touched for the very first time…

Virginity has always been a sensitive issue in many relationships. There are men who will still value greatly a woman’s chastity and would always want to have her first, but the sad fact is, not all first relationship become our last and there are many women who lose their virginity to their first boyfriends. Does this mean that these women are doomed to fail in their succeeding relationships? Well, I don’t think so because many couples do not end up with their first beaus but they end up with happy marriages. I believe that this would only be an issue if there is no transparency in a relationship.

If you made a mistake in giving it your first failed relationship then make sure your next boyfriend knows that he wasn’t the first. This is where many relationships are strained- women taking the risk of not telling their boyfriends about it. Men are likely to discover it one way or another and if you take them by surprise they would feel cheated, get mad and get even. Then you can bid your relationship goodbye again.

There is only one simple rule. If a man loves you he would care less about your past and if a man who doesn’t love you would live in it and use it to hurt you and find his way out. We all make mistakes. Women give in to men who they thought would be their forever. If they only knew they wouldn’t end up together, many of them would have been more careful in letting their passion take over. But what’s done is done. No woman goes to the doctor to have her virginity stitched back. Don’t think that you would never find someone who can embrace your past. Give yourself a chance and you will find the man whose love will see beyond your mistakes… the man who will understand you for all that you have been, accept you for what you have become and love you for what you truly are…


Cai said...

I couldn't agree less..

SEO Services said...

Virginity should not be a very significant topic in any relationship, I could not care less if a my Girlfriend is not, we all make mistakes and it is just a matter of understanding, if you truly love your partner you will not make this issue a complex one, and should not be mention, because if, by any chance you found out that your Girl is already not, and then your quickly bail out of the relationship, then you don't really love her, your only after her vagina and not her heart.

gLenn said...

i think virginity is no longer a big issue nowadays nasa computer age na tayo and grabe ng influence ng west sa pinoys di ba. if love ka nya talaga matatanggap ka nya kahit ano kapa dba? (walang kasi... pero, dapat ganito) peace! hehehe!

"Women's characteristic traits and personality are the most important factors in choosing a partner in life."

seo services,
i agree with you.hehehe!
virginity is just a consolation a guy can get. What matters is you love the girl inspite of her flaws. Knowing a girl is a virgin, its a boost to a man's ego, yes, but it should not be the sole basis right?

"heart rules and dictates!"